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Specialized in the rental and sale of medical and paramedical equipment since 1995, Zandasmedical offers a set of solutions for patients. Indeed, in collaboration for several years now with various medical institutions such as retirement homes (EHPAD), hospitals and in constant contact with patients and caregivers, we put our experience to good use.

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The equipment we offer at Equipmédical is intended for:

facilitate home care for patients who wish to stay at home: wheelchairs, walkers, electric scooters for mobility, grab bars and toilet seats to secure people with reduced mobility, daily assistance accessories.
equipping medical facilities with patient-friendly equipment: medical beds, anti-decubitus mattresses, medical instruments, oxygen cylinders and concentrators, disinfection and sterilization products, medical emergency equipment, etc.
make available a wide range of medical articles for patients: orthopedic articles, stockings, socks and compression tights for venous insufficiency, maternity-childcare articles, relaxation / rehabilitation articles, incontinence solutions ...

Health professionals (health care staff, medical staff, medical auxiliaries, doctors, nurses, etc.) will find all the furniture and medical equipment needed to equip a cabinet or medical facility: examination couch, medical cart, vital card reader, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, medical case, medical instruments, etc.
We also offer medical equipment for rent in Normandy: medical beds, anti-decubitus mattresses, patient lifts, wheelchairs, medical oxygen, aerosols, pain pumps, nutrition pumps ...

A showroom in Fleury sur Orne

To ensure the service of its customers, Equipmédical has a warehouse of 2000 m2 and a showroom in Fleury sur Orne. In this sales area, you will discover a wide range of products selected from various suppliers specializing in the field of health.
The products we offer are selected by professionals who guarantee competitive prices without neglecting the quality of equipment, while taking into account the needs and requirements of patients as well as those of the medical profession.

In case of doubt or for any question, our advisors are at your disposal in store to inform you and guide you in your choice.

Our sales area is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14h to 18h.


An interactive online sales catalog

Via Equipmedical.com, you have the possibility of ordering directly our selected products from our specialized suppliers.

You will easily find all the items you will need: our products are categorized, which facilitates easy navigation on the site.
You will find our articles dedicated to:

orthopedics: abdominal belts, splints, cervical collars, orthoses, breast prostheses ...
Venous compression: compression socks, compression stockings, compression tights.
Incontinence: anatomical protections, absorbent briefs, complete changes, pads, incontinence accessories (moisturizing cream, toilet gel ...)
rehabilitation & therapy: thermal compresses, lift chairs, rehabilitation and massage equipment, care of the hands and feet ...
mobility: wheelchairs, electric scooters, walkers, seat belts ...
home support: ergonomic cutlery for help with meals, cushions and anti-decubitus mattresses, positioning cushions, medical bed ...
medical diagnosis: medical instruments, medical furniture, medical clothing, scales, briefcases ...
disinfection and sterilization: hydroalcoholic gel, hand soap ...
care and dressings: compresses, plaster, bandages, syringes, needles ...
infusion: infusion pumps, nutrition pumps ...
medical emergency: defibrillators, oxygen masks, concentrators, oxygen cylinders, stretchers and stretchers, emergency suitcases ...
If you are interested in an article on our website, you can print our product sheets that contain all the technical characteristics of the material or even ask for advice via our online form: we will answer you.

Regarding transport, our products and equipment are shipped throughout France via La Poste or our carrier.


Our supply chain

Our company supports all services offered on the internet and in-store, namely:

Receiving shipments of